Author: Julienne Winters

How can local companies use Youtube Ads to generate more leads?

YouTube is a social media giant with over 1 billion users worldwide. Local companies and small business owners can use this platform to reach their target audience as well as generate new leads. Since YouTube ads solely rely on video, you may find it a little challenging at first especially if you are new to the YouTube ads format. But to create a quality YouTube video ad that can generate leads for your business, you do not need to hire a movie director or spend billions on the project. So, how can local companies use YouTube ads to generate more leads? In this article, you will learn how to leverage YouTube ads to generate nearly 400,000 visitors every month.       Types of YouTube Ads In order to succeed in your YouTube ads campaign, it is important to know how the ad platform works including all the processes that one has to go through...

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Should you be blogging for your business?

Especially when it is combined with social media, blogging can be a powerful tool for promoting your business online. There are probably numerous business owners out there who are somewhat hesitant to start a blog for their business, but they are truly missing a lot. There are actually several reasons why these business people do not blog: It demands a commitment of resources and time that can be somehow overwhelming. They lack the know-how of where to start in terms of technical outlook.   It can be a bit perplexing to start up a loyal, engaged following on blog that deals with one business topic. It can be a bit difficult to constantly create interesting business-related blog posts. However, starting up a business blog does not have to be an overwhelming or intimidating experience. As soon as you begin, the remunerations of the blog make the effort worthwhile. Here are the five major reasons...

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Local Business Videos: Are They Worth It?

With the power of the online world today, local businesses can now attract a lot of potential customers with a few clicks of the mouse. The online world is full of people who would rather search for their things there than turning to the yellow pages. This is the best advantage of the internet that local businesses must learn to conquer. But do say goodbye to long brochures as video marketing is the new trend in advertising online.   Creating text brochures with a touch of elegance and professionalism used to dominate the web-based promoting world. You'd get a considerable measure of pamphlets from your email at whatever point you're keen on buying a specific item, however, let's be honest, they're getting tiring to peruse. These text brochures often are packed with information, for customers who want to get the 'big view' of the product they're buying. But with the rise of...

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