Pre Production: Planning & Storyboard

Before any filming begins it is important to plan the movie project. From the very start we shall assist you so that the movie making process is a simple and enjoyable one. We understand what is needed to deliver a great movie and so we make sure everything is planned and prepared from the start.

Producing a Successful Online Film Starts with Planning

Naturally every project is different and the amount of planning will vary with the complexity of what is desired. A live event is unlikely to have as much scripting as a studio shoot. And an action scene may have more planning than a straight to camera interview.

Importantly planning saves time and money and makes sure that the final product actually meets your needs. Click "more details" below to discover some of the main things to consider for your promotional online movie projects:

  • What is the purpose of the film?
  • What genre/style is the film?
    • Documentary
    • Educational/Training
    • Live Corporate Event
    • Drama & Entertainment
    • Viral Marketing
    • Music Video
    • Promotional, Advertising & Marketing
  • How will the movie be viewed?
    • Direct from youTube and/or Vimeo
    • Embedded directly into your website
    • Purchased (download)
    • Webcast at an online conference
  • What is the core message you need to communicate?
  • Who are your target audience?
  • What is needed to make the movie
    • Filming location?
    • Actors and Talent?
    • Are any props needed?
    • Time of day/year and weather for outdoors shooting?
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Story Board

Not every movie needs a story board and we'll advise you if one is needed. They are a great way of planning the shots and camera angles, and for making sure everything needed is filmed. They also provide an overview of the plot and help communicate the core meaning of the project to everyone involved. When we start your project we'll begin by developing the story board, if needed, working closely with you, so that you can be involved as much as you wish. Because we understand the process we take care of everything making the project as simple for you as possible.

What Are the Roles Involved in a Successful Movie Production?

There are a number of different roles that go into making a great movie. For a big Hollywood production each role is typically filled by a different person. For smaller projects though a single person might fulfill many roles. Because we understand the roles involved then we can put together the right team and manage the production process...



Primarily responsible for the artistic content of the film and managing creative functions.

Assistant Director (AD)

The AD manages the shooting schedule and logistics of the production, among other tasks.

Casting Director

Finds actors to fill the parts in the script. This normally requires that actors audition.

Location Manager

Finds and manages film locations. Most pictures are shot in the controllable environment of a studio sound stage but occasionally, outdoor sequences or live events call for filming on location.

Production Manager (Producer)

Manages the production budget and production schedule. They also report to the executives or financiers of the film.

Director of Photography (DP or DoP)

Creates and supervises the photography of the entire film.

Director of Audio (DOA) aka audiographer

Creates and supervises the audiography of the entire film and is usually performed by the supervising sound editor.

Production Sound Mixer

Head of the sound department during the production stage of filmmaking. They record and mix the audio (dialogue in mono, room tone in mono, ambience in stereo and sound effects in mono) on the set.

Sound Designer

Creates the aural conception of the film, working with the DOA.


Creates new music for the film.

Production Designer

Creates the visual conception of the film, working with the art director.

Art Director

Manages the art department, which makes production sets.

Costume Designer

Creates the clothing for the characters in the film.

Make-up and Hair Designer

Works closely with the costume designer.

Storyboard Artist

Creates visual images to help the director and production designer communicate their ideas to the production team.


Create and coordinate the movement including dance and fight routines.

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Creative Film Projects

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