How can local companies use Youtube Ads to generate more leads?

YouTube is a social media giant with over 1 billion users worldwide. Local companies and small business owners can use this platform to reach their target audience as well as generate new leads. Since YouTube ads solely rely on video, you may find it a little challenging at first especially if you are new to the YouTube ads format. But to create a quality YouTube video ad that can generate leads for your business, you do not need to hire a movie director or spend billions on the project. So, how can local companies use YouTube ads to generate more leads? In this article, you will learn how to leverage YouTube ads to generate nearly 400,000 visitors every month.




Types of YouTube Ads

In order to succeed in your YouTube ads campaign, it is important to know how the ad platform works including all the processes that one has to go through to get an ROI (Return on Investment) for video content created. Basically, there are two types of YouTube ads namely:

– Skippable Ads

– Non-skippable Ads

Skippable Ads

Skippable ads also referred to as TrueView ads do not force YouTube users to watch. They can be shown either in-stream or in-display with no maximum length restriction although YouTube provides some suggestions, especially for in-stream ads. YouTube suggests that in-stream ads should learn for at least 15 to 30 seconds and a maximum of 3 minutes. In-display ads do not have a suggested run time, hence you can easily get away with long video content. An In-display ad can take visitors straight to a YouTube video and is most preferred if your video is long. These ads are shown in the related video section, search listings and can also be shown as video overlays. But since you will be creating an ad from scratch, it is better to keep it short to make the process easier. While you do not have to strictly follow the suggestions provided, doing so increases the chances of your ad being accepted.

An in-stream ad is a pre-roll ad that appears at the beginning of video content and is the most common ad people use to advertise on YouTube. Studies indicate that most people do not mind watching In-stream ads. In fact, 72 percent of these ads are watched from the beginning to the end. Using In-stream ads is a great way local companies can launch their video view ad campaign and generate leads. YouTube video advertising can convert 4 times better than all other channels and earn you a 12 times ROI as well as send traffic to your website.



Non-skippable Ads

These types of ads are pre-roll ads that run for 15 to 20 seconds. The ad appears before people can view their desired video content. Although they get better engagement, their video view abandonment rate is higher and they also have a bad rap since they seem to force people to watch. But if your video content is good and well targeted, they are equally effective. In fact, quality ads will be shared across other social media platforms for entertainment.

Tips For Creating Selling YouTube Video Ads

It is important to make your videos user-friendly across several video player platforms and ensure that they are of high quality and have a clear call to action especially if you are sending visitors to a full-blown website. But if you are using a landing page, you need to optimize it for conversions and ensure that any information on the page matches with that contained in the YouTube ad to avoid confusing your visitors.

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